Raising the profile of your in-house team–top tips
Raising the profile of your in-house team–top tips

The following In-house Advisor practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Raising the profile of your in-house team–top tips

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  1. Understand the business goals and strategy

    Work with senior stakeholders, such as general managers/managing directors, department and functional heads, to understand their objectives and timeframes. Ask them about their expectations of the legal team and for any ideas they have on how you could improve or evolve the service they receive currently

  2. Create a vision of what and how your team delivers

    Once you have enough input from senior stakeholders, form your own vision of what you think your team should stand for and how it should deliver to the business. Write this down and take some time to refine it and test it, first with your manager or a mentor and then with your stakeholders

  3. Work with your team to design your collective brand

    Once you have a clear vision in mind, get your team involved. Set up some time to host a brainstorming workshop or workshops where you share your vision and encourage your team to contribute ideas and feedback. Be prepared to flex and build on your original ideas where possible so that the team can feel real ownership

    As an output from this workshop, aim for the team to identify three or four common values that you all agree you stand for, related to what and how you deliver. These might take the form of

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