Public procurement key cases—contract award and challenges [Archived]

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  • Public procurement key cases—contract award and challenges [Archived]
  • Brexit impact—public procurement
  • Prevention of an award
  • The standstill period
  • Time limits for challenge
  • Varying public contracts
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Public procurement key cases—contract award and challenges [Archived]

ARCHIVED: This Practice Note has been archived is not maintained.

This Practice Note is part of a series of archived Practice Notes collating and summarising notable historic case law rulings and principles relating to public procurement law. The majority of entries in this Practice Note are archived cases, decided before the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 entered into force. For details of the latest case law developments see:

  1. UK public procurement case tracker

  2. EU public procurement case tracker

This Practice Note focuses on cases relating to contract award and challenges. Procurement processes should be conducted in a fair and transparent manner, with contracting authorities aiming to build sustainable relationships with suppliers and generate healthy competition for contracts in order to support best value and efficiency. At the same time, contracting authorities need to be alive to potential challenges throughout the procurement process and contract lifecycle. Equally, parties wishing to challenge a contract award must adhere to the relevant procedure and time limits.

For further reading on this subject, see our: Contract award and challenges—overview.

Brexit impact—public procurement

The UK public procurement regime derives from EU public procurement laws, and is therefore impacted by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. For further reading on the impact of Brexit on public procurement, see Practice Note: Brexit—the implications for public procurement.

Prevention of an award

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