Proposal documents—pre-submission quality control guidelines
Proposal documents—pre-submission quality control guidelines

The following Practice Management guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Proposal documents—pre-submission quality control guidelines
  • Proposal quality control checks

Submitting a high-quality proposal document requires a combination of effective and efficient processes, committed capable people, careful attention to detail and tight adherence to what the RFP/ITT is asking for. In addition to all these characteristics, it has to be well written and presented.

Every firm has a range of writing skill levels in their legal and BD teams but the best writers may not always be available. Consequently, it is important to have a checking procedure to ensure the quality of the proposal document is as high as possible. This Practice Note contains quality control questions for some of the most common problems and weaknesses in proposal documents along with suggestions on how to overcome these.

For further assistance with checking all aspects of your proposal prior to submission, see precedent: Tender document checks.

Additional guidance around creating proposal documents is also available—see Practice Note: Creating a persuasive proposal document.

Proposal quality control checks

Have we answered all the questions properly?

The most common reason for not winning a pitch is down to failure to answer the questions that were set out in the RFP/ITT.

Make sure that someone is tasked with double checking that all the critical questions have been answered:

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