Property key future developments tracker—2017 archive

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Property key future developments tracker—2017 archive

The Property key future developments tracker tracks key upcoming developments of interest to property lawyers. Once a development occurs, it is moved into the archive for the relevant year. This is the archive for events that occurred in 2017.

Appeal cases

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Possession proceedings - mesne profits
Farrar v Leongreen Ltd
21 December 2017.In Farrar v Leongreen Ltd [2017] EWCA Civ 2211, the Court of Appeal decided that a landlord who had successfully brought possession proceedings against its former tenant was not prevented, due to the principles of res judicata, from starting a new claim on the same grounds to recover mesne profits from that former tenant. The landlord was relying, in the second action, on causes of action distinct from the cause of action on which it had relied in the first action. The position was the same as it would have been if the landlord had been unaware that the former tenant had been in occupation of the property as a trespasser for the relevant period, had only discovered this after the subsequent determination of its claim for possession, and had then brought a second action to recover mesne profits in relation to that previous period of unlawful occupation.
Negligent valuation
Tiuta International Ltd (in liquidation) v De Villiers Surveyors Ltd
29 November 2017.In Tiuta

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