Property case tracker—2021

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Property case tracker—2021

The Property case tracker is a list of key judgments from 2021 which we consider relevant to property lawyers. Cases are listed in reverse chronological order.

The tracker employs the following definitions:

  1. AST: assured shorthold tenancy;

  2. CVA: company voluntary arrangement;

  3. FTT: First-tier Tribunal;

  4. HMO: house in multiple occupation;

  5. LPA: local planning authority;

  6. NPPF: National Planning Policy Framework;

  7. RRO: rent repayment order;

  8. RTM: right to manage;

  9. TCC: Technology and Construction Court;

  10. UT: Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber);

  11. VTE: Valuation Tribunal for England

See also the Property key future developments tracker, which tracks the progress and outcome of appeal cases, whereas this document provides a summary of all cases that we consider relevant to property lawyers.

See further: Property case tracker—2020 [Archived].

September 2021

CaseJudgment dateSummary
Ogborn v Revenue and Customs Commissioners [2021] UKFTT 322 (TC)7 September 2021SDLT: the FTT held that an annex was not suitable for use as a dwelling. The suggestion that the sink in the utility room could be used for personal hygiene stretched the meaning of 'suitable'.

August 2021

CaseJudgment dateSummary
Victus Estates (2) Ltd v Munroe; Benjamin v Victus Estates (1) Ltd [2021] EWHC 2411 (Ch) 27 August 2021Passing of beneficial interest in fraudulent transactions: the court held that where A and B jointly own a property and B forges A’s signature on the

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