Procedure for applying in the UK
Procedure for applying in the UK

The following Immigration guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Procedure for applying in the UK
  • Is an application required?
  • Key considerations
  • Key steps in the application process
  • The date an application is treated as being made
  • Validity of applications
  • How should the application and biometric information be submitted?
  • What supporting documents are required?
  • Tips on checking documents
  • Are translations or copies of documents required?
  • more

This Practice Note sets out the procedure for making an in-country application to the Home Office. Such applications will generally be for:

  1. leave to remain in the UK. For information on the different types of leave application, see: Applying in the UK—overview

  2. transfer of the conditions of leave or of endorsement of indefinite leave to enter or remain already granted when the applicant has a new passport. For information on conditions of leave, see Practice Note: Conditions of leave

  3. a new or replacement Biometric Immigration Document. For information on this process, see Practice Note: Reporting changes to the Home Office

For leave to remain applications, this Practice Note should be read with Practice Notes on the substantive immigration category in which the application is to be made. It is important that the substantive and procedural requirements of the relevant immigration category are consulted before any application is made.

This Practice Note does not cover applications for European Economic Area (EEA) registration certificates or residence cards. For information on this, see the Rights of residence of EEA nationals and their family members topic.

Is an application required?

A person’s circumstances and the duration of their current leave will dictate whether an in-country application is optional or mandatory.

No requirement to make an application

Transfer of conditions/No Time Limit

If an individual has entry clearance or