Pro bono: getting involved made easy
Pro bono: getting involved made easy

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  • Pro bono: getting involved made easy

When a in-house team wants to get involved in pro–bono work it isn’t always straightforward finding a suitable project. We talk to brokering charity LawWorks and an in-house lawyer from Hilton Worldwide and discover that finding a way to give something back to the community can be simple and flexible.

One of the charities at the forefront of pro–bono work is LawWorks, the operating name of the Solicitors’ Pro–Bono Group. LawWorks is a national charity funded partly from membership fees and partly from grants from the Law Society and other organisations. It brokers free legal advice to individuals and community organisations unable to pay legal fees or access legal aid. In the last year, LawWorks has helped over 40,000 individuals and 350 organisations through its network of private practice and in-house lawyers.

LawWorks gives lawyers the chance to get involved in a range of different projects. These range from assisting community groups and setting up law clinics through to initiatives such as Together for Families which supports families of children with life-limiting illnesses.

“We provide a variety of pro–bono opportunities for in-house members, such as support in setting up clinics,” says Sinéad Corcoran, Business Development Officer, LawWorks. “Some in-house teams sign up with LawWorks on the basis that they want to set up a clinic in their local area and provide legal services to members of the

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