Pre-qualification and selection questionnaires
Produced in partnership with Walker Morris
Pre-qualification and selection questionnaires

The following Public Law guidance note Produced in partnership with Walker Morris provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Pre-qualification and selection questionnaires
  • Brexit impact—public procurement
  • European Single Procurement Document
  • Standard Selection Questionnaire
  • Exclusion grounds
  • Economic and financial standing
  • Technical and professional ability
  • Corporate arrangements of potential suppliers
  • Payment systems and supply chain management
  • Making and reporting deviations to the SQ
  • more

This Practice Note considers the qualification process of suppliers tendering to deliver public contracts under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015), SI 2015/102. For background reading, see Practice Note: Introduction to public contracts procurement.

Contracting authorities are able to exclude potential suppliers from participation in a public procurement exercise if they do not comply with certain conditions of probity (exclusion grounds), or if they fail to meet certain minimum conditions for participation relating to their economic and financial standing and/or technical and professional ability. Contracting authorities are also able to limit the number of potential suppliers that are invited to submit bids for public contracts tendered using the following procedures under the PCR 2015:

  1. the restricted procedure

  2. the competitive procedure with negotiation

  3. the competitive dialogue procedure

  4. innovation partnership procedure

For further reading on these procedures, see Practice Notes: Introduction to public contracts procurement—Types of procurement procedures and Public Contracts Regulations 2015—key steps and common procedures.

Prior to the introduction of the standard Selection Questionnaire (see below), contracting authorities conventionally required suppliers to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) to collect information needed to assess their credentials and ability to perform the contract. This pre-qualification questionnaire could only ask potential suppliers for certain types of information and contracting authorities could only make their decision to 'down-select' suppliers on the basis of the exclusion grounds or