Post general meeting (including AGM) actions and procedures
Post general meeting (including AGM) actions and procedures

The following Corporate guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Post general meeting (including AGM) actions and procedures
  • General meetings
  • After the meeting
  • Preparing and keeping minutes and resolutions
  • Updating and amending the registers
  • Filing resolutions at Companies House
  • Filing accounts and reports with Companies House
  • Additional filing and notification requirements for listed and AIM companies
  • Corporate governance considerations
  • Other information to be posted on website of quoted or traded companies post general meeting
  • more

This Practice Note summarises the filings and notifications to be carried out by a company following the conclusion of a general meeting or annual general meeting (AGM). It covers the requirements under the Companies Act 2006 (CA 2006) that apply to meetings of all companies, and additional requirements under the Listing Rules, AIM Rules and UK Corporate Governance Code that apply to listed companies and AIM companies (as relevant). See also: Post general meeting (including AGM) actions and procedures—checklist.

General meetings

There are two forms of general meetings under the CA 2006: general meetings and AGMs. A public company must hold an AGM each year within the period of six months beginning with the date following its accounting reference date. A private company is not required to hold an AGM each year (although it may choose to do so, or its articles of association may contain provisions requiring the company to hold an AGM each year).

A general meeting of the members of a company can be called and held at any point, and any number of times, in a year so that the members may pass resolutions to carry out certain changes or approve certain actions. The members of a private company can pass resolutions at general meetings of the company or by way of written resolution. The members