Post-completion actions in a share purchase transaction
Post-completion actions in a share purchase transaction

The following Corporate guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Post-completion actions in a share purchase transaction
  • Post-completion tasks for the buyer
  • Post-completion—consideration issues

This Practice Note is part of the Share purchase transaction toolkit.

There will be a number of tasks to be undertaken after completion of the transaction, although which tasks are required will depend on the specifics of the transaction. Most of the tasks are likely to be the responsibility of the buyer's lawyers.

For guidance on the tasks involved, see Checklist: Post-completion matters (share purchase)—checklist

If a list of documents/completion checklist has been prepared, this may set out the post-completion tasks. See Precedents: List of documents—private M&A—share purchase—conditional completion and List of documents—private M&A—share purchase—unconditional completion.

Post-completion tasks for the buyer

A number of actions will be required to be undertaken by the buyer's lawyers in the days following completion. These may include:

  1. announcing the transaction (if this is required because one of the parties is listed, or simply if the parties want to voluntarily announce the transaction for publicity purposes)

  2. submitting documents for stamping at HMRC (eg the stock transfer form, which must be the original signed document and not a copy) (see Practice Note: Stamp duty and SDRT on the sale of certificated registered UK shares and Precedent: Stamp duty adjudication letter (including provisional stamping request))

  3. filings at Companies House (see Practice Notes: Appointment, retirement and resignation of a director—Notifications required on a change of directo