Planning succession

The following In-house Advisor practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Planning succession
  • Management training and experience for all
  • Orchestrating breadth of experience and horizon broadening
  • Selective investment v over reliance on one candidate
  • Identifying contenders elsewhere

Planning succession

Whilst new blood and experience from another sector can be hugely beneficial to an in-house department, it is a pity when a team has no choice but to hire a leader from outside because there are no home-grown candidates.

Management training and experience for all

As leader of the team, you should encourage every member of the team to devote some time to developing management skills. Even if a member of the team does not aspire to manage other in-house lawyers, the benefit from management skills will result in:

  1. better lateral management of their relationship with other members of the legal team

  2. better upwards management of their relationship with you.

In addition should the opportunity arise to take on a management role, within the organisation or elsewhere, they will be better equipped

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