Planning consultation
Planning consultation

The following Planning guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Planning consultation
  • Consultation requirements for planning applications
  • Public consultation
  • Further consultation following amendment to a planning application
  • LPA's consideration of consultation responses
  • Statutory consultees
  • Consultation and safeguarding directions
  • Non-statutory consultation

Consultation requirements for planning applications

After a local planning authority (LPA) has received a planning application, it must undertake a period of consultation where views on the proposed development can be expressed.

The main types of LPA consultation are:

  1. public consultation—including consultation with neighbouring residents and community groups

  2. statutory consultation—where there is a legal requirement to consult a specific body, who must respond and provide advice on the proposed development

  3. consultation required by a direction that is issued by the Secretary of State

  4. non-statutory consultation—where the LPA invites other consultees who are likely to have an interest in the proposed development

See Practice Notes: Applying for planning permission—procedure, Determining planning applications—procedure and Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects—pre-application consultations and discussions.

Public consultation

Pre-application consultation

Pre-application consultation is currently only legally required:

  1. for development proceeding under the Planning Act 2008 regime (see Overview: Development consent orders)

  2. for developments of national significance in Wales (see Practice Note: Permission for Developments of National Significance in Wales)

  3. for major developments in Wales — defined to comprise housing developments of 10 or more dwellings or where the site area is of 0.5ha or more, or development involved more than 1,000 sqm of new floorspace (see The Planning (Wales) Act 2015)

  4. in respect of planning applications for development for the harnessing of wind power for energy production