PFI/PPP terms (Glossary)
PFI/PPP terms (Glossary)

The following Construction guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • PFI/PPP terms (Glossary)

Abandon Describes a situation where the contractor stops carrying out the works for a prolonged and consecutive period of days (for example 20 business days) or for a longer non-consecutive period of days throughout the life of the project (for example 60 business days) and does so wilfully and without a reason. Abandonment is usually classed as a contractor default which would allow the authority to terminate the Project Agreement and/ or Project Co to terminate the construction contract.
Access Protocol The protocol which must be adhered to by Project Co in order to gain access to the buildings which form part of the project. For example on a social housing project or a school certain criteria would need to be met by Project Co before it or its Contractor could access dwellings or the school to undertake repairs or refurbishment.
Acceptance Tests Tests undertaken to see if the facility (or other project asset) meets the standards required for the Authority to accept the facility as complete.
Adjudicator An individual nominated to resolve disputes. Disputes are referred to