Permitted paid engagements visitor: eligibility and procedure
Permitted paid engagements visitor: eligibility and procedure

The following Immigration practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Permitted paid engagements visitor: eligibility and procedure
  • Suitability requirements
  • Eligibility requirements for permitted paid engagements visitor applicants
  • Maximum length of stay
  • General eligibility criteria
  • Intended activities
  • Genuineness
  • Maintenance, accommodation and travel costs
  • Specific permitted paid engagements visitor requirements
  • Visiting examiners, assessors and lecturers
  • More...

The permitted paid engagements (also referred to as PPE) visitor category was incorporated into the Immigration Rules from 6 April 2012. Feedback from a range of sectors resulted in an alternative category being implemented separate to the Points-Based System (also referred to as PBS) category. In this category, a fee would be payable for short-term engagements undertaken in the UK.

The Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules HC 1025 brought the Immigration Rules, Appendix V into force for all visit applications, including permitted paid engagements visitor applications, decided on or after 24 April 2015. Appendix V is intended to provide a stand-alone set of immigration rules, so that all the relevant provisions are found in one appendix rather than in different parts of the Immigration Rules. The visitor rules are contained in Appendix V and its five appendices. For further information see Practice Note: Visitor (standard): eligibility.

The rules relating to permitted paid engagements visitors can be found in:

  1. Parts V1 and V2, which set out the various categories of visitor covered in Appendix V and certain general requirements for visit applications

  2. Part V3, which sets out the suitability requirements for all visitors

  3. Part V4, which sets out the eligibility requirements for visitor (standard) applicants, various of which apply to permitted paid engagements visitors

  4. Part V5, which explains which of the eligibility requirements in Part V4

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