Performance management
Produced in partnership with Paul Gilbert and Lawrence Smith of LBC Wise Counsel
Performance management

The following In-house Advisor practice note produced in partnership with Paul Gilbert and Lawrence Smith of LBC Wise Counsel provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Performance management

Performance management is part leadership, part creating the right environment, part having an appropriate strategy and part ensuring individual contribution has a sense of purpose and direction.

In-house lawyers work best when they feel an empathy with their business, a sense of being part of the team. In other words, you should be trying to create a purpose for your work that goes beyond the activity.

However, asserting purpose and commitment is not enough. If this is to happen, then action and change to behaviour will be needed too. This note sets out ideas that help in-house lawyers deliver their service with purpose; in other words helping in-house lawyers to make their own contribution to their performance management.

Many organisations look at performance management through the prism of proprietary frameworks, such as the 'balanced scorecard' and variations of this. These are a mix of targeted hard indicators and soft, financial indicators and qualitative, as well as quantitative measures.

The essence of this approach is to create consistency and focus. This is important, but does not address how to deliver performance. The ten ideas that follow are generic, but focused very much on how in-house lawyers can deliver value and be aligned to company strategy. In doing so, it is easier to see their contribution and therefore any gaps in performance are also easier to discern and therefore to

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