No deal Brexit—service of documents [Archived]

The following Dispute Resolution practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • No deal Brexit—service of documents [Archived]
  • Contractually agreed method of service
  • Serving English/Welsh court documents in the EU
  • After exit day—UK position
  • After exit day—EU position
  • Was the document served before exit day?
  • What are the available methods of service after exit day?
  • Serving English/Welsh court documents in Iceland, Norway or Switzerland
  • After exit day—UK position
  • After exit day—EFTA states position
  • More...

No deal Brexit—service of documents [Archived]

ARCHIVED: This Practice Note covers the situation where the UK and the EU do not reach an agreement for the service of documents following the UK leaving the EU. During the implementation period that starts on exit day ie the day the UK leaves the EU, the provisions in the withdrawal agreement will apply. For guidance, on the implementation period and the impact of the withdrawal agreement on service, see Practice Note: Brexit implementation period—service of documents [Archived].

This Practice Note considers the effect of the UK leaving the EU without a deal when dealing with the service of court documents. The following UK regulations dealing with no deal Brexit impact service:

  1. the Service of Documents and Taking of Evidence in Civil and Commercial Matters (Revocation and Saving Provisions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2018, SI 2018/1257 which revokes the key EU regulation in this area, ie Regulation (EC) 1393/2007, the Service Regulation and the agreement between the European Community and the Kingdom of Denmark on the service of judicial and extra-judicial documents in civil or commercial matters

  2. the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019, SI 2019/521 which makes amendments to CPR 6 which deal with service. Changes to the practice direction accompanying CPR 6 are made in the 107th update—Practice Direction Amendments document

  3. the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments (Hague

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