NHS Redress Scheme—Wales
NHS Redress Scheme—Wales

The following PI & Clinical Negligence guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • NHS Redress Scheme—Wales
  • Background
  • Redress Scheme
  • When does Redress Apply
  • Limitation period
  • When Redress does not apply
  • Access to assistance and legal advice
  • Redress investigation
  • Instruction of independent expert advisers
  • Redress—financial
  • more


The National Health Service (Concerns, Complaints and Redress Arrangements) (Wales) Regulations 2011, SI 2011/704 came into force on 1 April 2011. The regulations introduced new arrangements for the handling and investigation of concerns about NHS services in Wales. Guidance on dealing with the concerns about the NHS in Wales is known as the ‘Putting Things Right’ document. This guidance is produced for the NHS in Wales to enable responsible bodies to effectively handle concerns according to the requirements set out in the National Health Service (Concerns, Complaints and Redress Arrangements) (Wales) Regulations 2011, SI 2011/704. It applies to all Health Boards in Wales, NHS Trusts in Wales, independent providers in Wales providing NHS funded care and primary care practitioners in Wales. The Redress elements of the Regulations and the guidance relating to those aspects do not apply to primary care practitioners or to independent providers.

Redress Scheme

Section 7 of the ‘Putting Things Right’ provides guidance with the Welsh NHS Redress Scheme. It deals with complaints and low value legal claims against NHS treatment providers where compensation is under £25,000.

The regulations were designed to encourage a more open and supportive culture in relation to the NHS’s response to complaints and to streamline towards a more consistent approach based on the principle, ‘investigate once, investigate well’. The