New and updated Financial Services content

The following Financial Services practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • New and updated Financial Services content
  • New Practice Notes
  • Updated Practice Notes and overviews
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New and updated Financial Services content

New Practice Notes

  1. Esg and impact investing—Argentina—Q&A guide

  2. Esg and impact investing—Australia—Q&A guide

  3. Esg and impact investing—Chile—Q&A guide

  4. Esg and impact investing—China—Q&A guide

  5. Esg and impact investing—Costa Rica—Q&A guide

  6. Esg and impact investing—Finland—Q&A guide

  7. Esg and impact investing—Hong Kong—Q&A guide

  8. Esg and impact investing—Italy—Q&A guide

  9. Esg and impact investing—Japan—Q&A guide

  10. Esg and impact investing—Portugal—Q&A guide

  11. Esg and impact investing—South Korea—Q&A guide

  12. Esg and impact investing—USA—Q&A guide

  13. Esg and impact investing—Zambia—Q&A guide

  14. Conflicts of interest in financial services firms

  15. ● Financial services outsourcing

  16. Lexis®PSL Financial Services Enforcement Database

  17. The EU banking package—CRD V, CRR II, BRRD II and SRMR II

  18. The UK investment firms prudential regime (IFPR)

Updated Practice Notes and overviews

Updated Practice Notes on Brexit:

  1. Brexit legislation tracker

  2. Brexit timeline

Updated Practice Notes on regulation of derivatives

  1. Cleared derivatives—treatment of client collateral for leverage ratio purposes

  2. European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)—level 2 and level 3 measures

  3. Getting the Deal Through: Cloud Computing 2022

  4. Getting the Deal Through: Equity Derivatives 2021

  5. Getting the Deal Through: Private Banking & Wealth

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