New and updated Financial Services content
New and updated Financial Services content

The following Financial Services practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • New and updated Financial Services content
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New and updated Financial Services content

News Practice Notes

  1. Financial services litigation—Australia—Q&A guide

  2. Financial services litigation—Brazil—Q&A guide

  3. Financial services litigation—China—Q&A guide

  4. Financial services litigation—Greece—Q&A guide

  5. Financial services litigation—South Africa—Q&A guide

  6. Financial services litigation—South Korea—Q&A guide

  7. Financial services litigation—Switzerland—Q&A guide

  8. Financial services litigation—USA—Q&A guide

  9. Financial services litigation—United Arab Emirates—Q&A guide

Updated Practice Notes and overviews

Updated Practice Notes on coronavirus (COVID-19):

  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19)—implications for structured products and securitisation transactions

  2. Coronavirus (COVID-19)—EU capital markets recovery package

  3. Coronavirus (COVID-19)—insurance considerations

Updated Practice Notes on Brexit:

  1. Brexit and financial services—the temporary permissions regime (TPR)

  2. The impact of Brexit on the MiFID II regime

  3. Brexit and financial services—the financial services contracts regime (FSCR)

  4. EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement—quick guide

Updated Practice Note on investigations, enforcement and discipline:

  1. FCA enforcement essentials—publicity

Updated Practice Note on risk management and controls:

  1. Monitoring staff, IT and communications systems in the workplace

Updated Practice Note on regulated activities

  1. Arranging deals in investments and operating multilateral and organised trading facilities

Updated Practice Note on the Securitisation Regulation:

  1. Securitisation Regulation—essentials

Updated Practice Note on UK, EU and international regulators:

  1. Structure and functions of EU institutions and bodies

Updated Practice Note on EMIR:

  1. European Market Infrastructure Regulation

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