New home warranties

The following Construction practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • New home warranties
  • What are new home warranties?
  • Provision of the new home warranty
  • Key features of new home warranties
  • NHBC Buildmark cover
  • NHBC cover before completion
  • NHBC cover in first two years after completion
  • NHBC cover in years three to ten after completion
  • Premier Guarantee
  • LABC warranty
  • More...

New home warranties

This Practice Note looks at the principal types of policy or guarantee (other than latent defects insurance) that are currently on the market to protect homeowners and developers against latent defects in new, and newly converted, homes and considers several of the most widely provided warranties: those provided by NHBC or the National House Building Council (Buildmark), Premier Guarantee and Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Warranty, the providers jointly responsible for the introduction of the Consumer Code for Home Builders (the Code) in April 2010. The Code contains standards of good practice, procedures and information with which homebuilders who have registered under the Code are obliged to comply.

What are new home warranties?

A new home warranty is an insurance policy that gives the buyer of a newly built, or newly converted, home protection in relation to certain types of structural defects that may occur in the building. This type of warranty has existed for many years. The warranty offers protection up to a specified value and for a specified period (typically ten years) and is intended to reassure the homebuyer that defects that occur in the property within the warranty period will be remedied. Most new build properties in the UK are sold with the benefit of this type of warranty and, in fact, most mortgage providers will not provide finance on the

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