NEC Supply Short Contract
NEC Supply Short Contract

The following Construction practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • NEC Supply Short Contract
  • Overview of the NEC Supply Short Contract
  • Format of the NEC Supply Short Contract
  • Notable terms of the NEC Supply Short Contract
  • Co-operation and risk management
  • Testing and defects
  • Delivery
  • Title to the goods
  • Liability
  • Disputes

Overview of the NEC Supply Short Contract

The NEC Supply Short Contract, as the name suggests, is a concise form of contract for the supply of goods and services. It is part of both the NEC3 and NEC4 suites of contract, and is also known within the NEC suites as the SSC form. It is an alternative to the longer form NEC3/NEC4 Supply Contract (see Practice Note: NEC Supply Contract). The NEC3/NEC4 Supply Short Contract is intended to be used for the purchase of low value/risk items which do not require active management of the purchase. It may be used to purchase ‘standard commodities’, and the NEC3 Guidance Notes give the examples of the purchase of stationery, printer supplies, tools, raw materials etc.

The Purchaser can choose whether the goods are to be delivered in a single delivery, or in batches (clause 23.1). The Purchaser may wish to order in batches if the precise dates for delivery or quantities are not known at the date of the contract, perhaps if the goods are for an ongoing construction project for example. The parties can specify in the Contract Data that the Purchaser cannot issue new batch orders before a set interval has passed to ensure that the Supplier will have the resources to meet the orders in time.

Unlike the NEC3/NEC4 Supply Contract there is no supply manager

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