NEC contracts—glossary
NEC contracts—glossary

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NEC terminology

Practitioners who are new to the NEC contracts may find the below explanations of terms used in the NEC ECC useful, as there are many terms used in these contracts that are unique to the NEC suite and/or which may require further explanation.

It is important to remember when using the NEC ECC that both capitalised terms and those in italics are important to interpretation of the contract. Where a term is capitalised, the definition of the term can be found in clause 11.2. Where a term is in italics, refer to the details inserted in the Contract Data (where a term is italicised in the NEC ECC, it is shown in italics in this glossary). This list also includes terms that are used within NEC but which are not defined or included in the Contract Data (as such not all terms in this glossary are capitalised or in italics). The list below should always be read in conjunction with clause 11.2 and the Contract Data of the contract in question.

This glossary covers both the NEC3 and NEC4 editions of the ECC. For consistency, the term ‘Client’ is used throughout as this is the term used for the developer/employer in the NEC4 contracts (the NEC3 ECC uses the term ‘Employer’). The term ‘Scope’ is also used as per the NEC4 ECC to describe the

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