Nature conservation and planning in Wales

The following Planning practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Nature conservation and planning in Wales
  • Scope of nature conservation
  • The role of the planning system in nature conservation
  • Key planning objectives for nature conservation
  • Local development plan documents
  • Planning applications
  • Pre-application discussions
  • Consultation
  • Deciding planning applications
  • Preparing planning applications
  • More...

Nature conservation and planning in Wales

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 5 provides advice about how the land use planning system in Wales should contribute to protecting and enhancing biodiversity and geological conservation.

TAN 5 provides advice for local planning authorities (LPAs) on:

  1. the key principles of positive planning for nature conservation

  2. nature conservation and Local Development Plans

  3. nature conservation in development management procedures

  4. development affecting protected internationally and nationally designated sites and habitats, and

  5. development affecting protected and priority habitats and species

TAN 5 accompanies Planning Policy Wales (PPW), which sets out the land use planning policies of the Welsh Parliament. It is a material consideration for LPAs in making decisions on planning applications.

Scope of nature conservation

TAN 5 sets out a number of definitions referred to in nature conservation and planning:

  1. 'nature conservation' means the conservation of biodiversity and geodiversity including the natural systems and processes that continue to change the land form, rivers and coasts of Wales

  2. 'biodiversity' refers to the variety of life on earth and describes the richness and variety of all living things

  3. 'geodiversity' is the variety of geological environments, phenomena and active processes that make landscapes, rocks, minerals, fossils, soils and other superficial deposits

  4. 'conservation' involves preservation, protection, wise use, sustainable management and restoration of the natural heritage

The role of the planning system in nature conservation

Biodiversity conservation and

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