Multi-jurisdictional FDI control grid
Multi-jurisdictional FDI control grid

The following Competition practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Multi-jurisdictional FDI control grid

This grid summarises when FDI filings may be required in selected jurisdictions in the world, and also indicates whether such filings are mandatory and whether closing should be suspended pending clearance.

Note–more jurisdictions will be added in due course, and further information on each regime will also be summarised in due course.

JurisdictionThresholds for FDI review for acquisitions involving ‘foreign’ investors or purchasersMandatory or suspensory regime?Deadline for investigationPenalties for failing to notify/closing before clearance (where regime is suspensory)

(1) Acquisition of at least 20% in an Australian corporation or unit trust (an ‘Australian entity’), where the value of the target is at least AUD 281m (AUD 1,192m for acquisitions by investors from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Mexico, Japan, the Republic of Korea, China, Singapore and Vietnam (unless target is active in a sensitive sector), (2) acquisitions of interests of 10% or more in an Australian agribusiness where the value of the interest (plus the value of any interests in the business held by associates of the acquirer) exceeds AUD 61m (AUD 1,192m for private investors from the USA, Chile or New Zealand), (3) acquisitions of interests in an Australian land entity (a corporation or trust in which at least 50% of its total asset value comprises interests in Australian land) which meets
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