MJ merger grid—procedure
MJ merger grid—procedure

The following Competition practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • MJ merger grid—procedure

The grid below summarises key procedural information according to local legislation for all merger control regimes in the world.

We have tried to strike a balance between ease of reference and exactness to the original source material and used common phrases to summarise legal threshold tests whilst retaining key words. We would recommend consulting the merger guides and the underlying law for the precise wording.

For a summary of jurisdictional information (including notification thresholds) to determine whether merger control filings are required for all merger control regimes in the world, see further MJ merger grid–jurisdiction.

For a timeline showing deadlines for filing notifications and phase I investigation timetables, see MJ merger control deadlines—checklist.

NOTE–to see whether notification thresholds in any jurisdiction throughout the world are met, see Where to Notify.

For multi-jurisdictional merger control developments and intelligence from throughout the world, see further MJ merger control news feed.

For a summary of the coronavirus (COVID-19) responses by competition authorities around the world, and the impact on merger control regimes, see MJ merger control–competition authorities and coronavirus (COVID-19) status.

Country (competition authority)Is notification mandatory and is the regime suspensory?Is there a deadline for filing the notification?Who is responsible for making the notification?Deadline for review by competition authority (not including possible extensions)What are the

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