MJ merger grid—jurisdiction
MJ merger grid—jurisdiction

The following Competition practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • MJ merger grid—jurisdiction
  • The MJ merger grid—jurisdiction
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The grid below sets out the notification thresholds as according to local legislation for all merger control regimes in the world as well as additional key jurisdictional information to help determine whether merger control filings are required in addition to headline procedural issues on timing and whether notifications are mandatory and closing should be suspended pending clearance.

We have tried to strike a balance between ease of reference and exactness to the original source material and used common phrases to summarise legal threshold tests whilst retaining key words; a key is available below to set out the common phrases used to summarise legal threshold tests (eg the meaning of ‘combined turnover’; and the fact that this requirement could be met by one party alone)–see Key and useful information below. We would recommend consulting the merger guides and the underlying law for the precise wording and for further details on the merger control rules in each jurisdiction.

Currencies and exchange rates

Thresholds are displayed in the native currency in which they are formally published (unless provided otherwise by our local counsel and indicated below).

NOTE–for ease of reference, approximate courtesy conversions to Euros and US Dollars are also provided as a guide; the conversions currently reflect the average of the daily rates across the 2020 calendar year (ie the average of the daily rates for the

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