MJ merger control—news feed
MJ merger control—news feed

The following Competition guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • MJ merger control—news feed
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  • 2015

The below lists multi-jurisdictional merger control developments and intelligence (sometimes unconfirmed), with a focus on jurisdictional and procedural issues.

For specific details of merger control thresholds and filing requirements, see further Multi-jurisdictional merger grid–jurisdictional and Multi-jurisdictional merger grid—procedure.

NOTE–to see whether notification thresholds in any jurisdiction throughout the world are met, see Where to Notify.


Date Jurisdiction Development
01/03/2020 Philippines • Revised notification thresholds enter into force
27/02/2020 USA • Revised thresholds for notification under the HSR Act merger control regime enter into force
24/02/2020 India • Consultation launched on proposals to amend law, including power to investigate technology mergers below current thresholds and also reduction in investigation deadline
17/02/2020 Philippines • PCC announces revised notification thresholds; new thresholds to enter into force on 01/03/2020
10/02/2020 Trinidad & Tobago • Substantive elements of competition law proclaimed and in force; merger
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