MJ merger control–competition authorities and coronavirus (COVID-19) status
MJ merger control–competition authorities and coronavirus (COVID-19) status

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  • MJ merger control–competition authorities and coronavirus (COVID-19) status

A number of competition authorities around the world are amending their operations due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The table below summarises the situation in relation to merger control procedures in highlighted jurisdictions.

Note–only jurisdictions that are known to have amended their procedures due to the coronavirus outbreak are included; unless stated below, there are no known changes to procedure.

For coronavirus (COVID-19) related developments in relation to antitrust investigations, exceptions/exemptions and State aid investigations, see Coronavirus (COVID-19)—global behavioural, exemptions and State aid case tracker.

JurisdictionMerger control regime status update
AlbaniaThe Competition Authority had postponed all meetings and hearings scheduled until 31/03/2020 to April 2020. All investigations were suspended until 31/03/2020. As of mid-April, the Competition Authority begun issuing merger clearance decisions.

Merger notifications can be submitted via email.

AngolaAll documents should be sent to the ARC by email; no face-to-face contact is possible.

ArgentinaThe CNDC had suspended all investigation deadlines; the suspension ended and deadlines resumed on 26/10/2020

Notifications to be submitted by email or in-person between 09:30 and 13:30

ArmeniaNotifications to be submitted by email; all contact with the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition to be by email.

AustraliaThe ACCC is encouraging merging parties to delay notifications where deals are not urgent or are speculative; timelines may need to be extended on a case-by-case basis.

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