MiFID II level 1 roadmap
MiFID II level 1 roadmap

The following Financial Services guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • MiFID II level 1 roadmap
  • Introduction to the MiFID II level 1 roadmap
  • Amendments to MiFID II
  • Title I: Scope and definitions
  • Title II: Authorisation and operating conditions for investment firms
  • Section 1: General provisions
  • Section 2: Provisions to ensure investor protection
  • Section 3: Market transparency and integrity
  • Section 4: SME growth markets
  • Section 1: Provision of services or performance of activities through the establishment of a branch
  • more

Introduction to the MiFID II level 1 roadmap

The recast Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (2014/65/EU) (MiFID II) and new Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (600/2014) (MiFIR) were published in the Official Journal of the European Union (EU) on 12 June 2014 and entered into force on 2 July 2014. MiFID II and MiFIR significantly amend and expand the regulatory framework that was established by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (2004/39/EC) (MiFID I). As amended, the majority of the new Directive and Regulation came into effect on 3 January 2018, and EU Member States had until 3 July 2017 to transpose the provisions of MiFID II into national law.

This database provides an article-by-article roadmap of MiFID II, with the following information for each article:

  1. article heading and number

  2. corresponding provisions of MiFID I, the MiFID I Implementing Directive (Commission Directive 2006/73/EC) and the MiFID I Implementing Regulation (Commission Regulation (EC) 1287/2006

  3. whether the MIFID II provision is new, amended, or unchanged from MiFID I, and whether an MiFID I provision has been deleted

  4. amendments that have been made to the level 1 text of MiFID II

For more information on MiFID II, see Practice Notes: MiFID I, MiFID II and MiFIR—essentials and MiFID II and MiFIR—one minute guide.

Amendments to MiFID II

Transfer of DRSP powers to