Matter management—regulatory requirements [Archived]

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  • Matter management—regulatory requirements [Archived]
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Matter management—regulatory requirements [Archived]

SRA Handbook

There is no discrete section of the SRA Handbook dealing with matter management. Instead, when dealing with a client's matter, you must comply with Chapter 1 of the SRA Code of Conduct in relation to client care. These are covered in our Precedent: Client care policy 2011 [Archived].

You must also comply with other relevant sections of the Code of Conduct regarding:

  1. Equality and diversity (Chapter 2)—see Precedent: Policy—equality (short form)

  2. Conflicts of interests (Chapter 3)—see Precedent: Conflicts of interest policy 2011 [Archived]

  3. Confidentiality and disclosure (Chapter 4)—see Precedent: Confidentiality and disclosure policy 2011 [Archived]

  4. Your client and the court (Chapter 5)—see Precedent: Litigation, advocacy and ADR policy

  5. Your client and introductions to third parties (Chapter 6)—see Precedent: Introductions to third parties policy 2011 [Archived]

  6. Publicity (Chapter 8)—see Precedent: Publicity policy—law firms [Archived]

  7. Relations with

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