Market Tracker—access and scope
Market Tracker—access and scope

The following Corporate guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Market Tracker—access and scope
  • Market Tracker—key features
  • Statement of scope—transaction data analysis


To access the Market Tracker deal analysis comparator tool click the link above.

Alternatively click the link in the Tools menu under the Key Resources tab on the Corporate homepage.

For a link to a series of demonstration videos on accessing and using the Market Tracker comparator tool click here.

Market Tracker—key features

Market Tracker is a unique service for corporate lawyers housed within Lexis®PSL Corporate. Key features include:

  1. a powerful transaction data analysis tool for accessing, analysing and comparing the specific features of corporate transactions (see below)

  2. detailed, searchable summaries of listed company deals and AGMs

  3. news and analysis of key corporate deals and activity

  4. a comprehensive and searchable library of deal documentation, and

  5. in-depth analysis of recent trends in corporate practice

Statement of scope—transaction data analysis

The deal analysis function covers a range of deal types, providing a detailed analysis of deal documents. In relation to specific deal types, transactions are only covered if the minimum consideration of the transaction meets certain thresholds. Deal analysis also covers certain deals considered to be noteworthy, even if such deals do not meet the relevant minimum consideration threshold. Deals are considered to be noteworthy if they contain unusual features, or are structured in a new and interesting