Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009—snapshot

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Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009—snapshot

TitleMarine and Coastal Access Act 2009 (MCAA 2009)
Entry into force12th November 2009 (received Royal Assent on this date, but various implementing pieces of legislation have brought different sections into force at different times since that date, see Halsbury’s Is it in force?)
Transposition deadlineN/A
Amendmentssee—Halsbury’s Statutes Citator
Subordinate legislation in England and Walessee—Related Subordinate Legislation in Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009
SubjectMarine planning, marine licensing, marine conservation, marine pollution, fisheries

Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009

MCAA 2009 introduced a revised system of marine management and licensing, including marine planning which makes provisions for general government marine environment policies, as well as those policies of the devolved administrations. It also made changes to the management of marine, migratory and freshwater fisheries, marine conservation, as well as recreational access to the English and Welsh coasts. The eight key elements of MCAA 2009 are:

  1. establishment of the Marine Management Organisation (MMO)

  2. creation of a strategic marine planning system

  3. a streamlined marine licensing system

  4. marine nature conservation

  5. fisheries management and marine enforcement

  6. migratory and freshwater fisheries

  7. coastal access

  8. coastal and estuarine management

MCAA 2009 came about following a number of reviews and reports, including the 2002 Marine Stewardship Report, ‘Safeguarding our seas’, that suggested a new approach to managing marine activities was necessary.

In March 2006, a consultation paper on the

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