Managing storm and flood risk
Produced in partnership with Lockton Companies insurance brokers

The following Practice Compliance practice note produced in partnership with Lockton Companies insurance brokers provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Managing storm and flood risk
  • Flooding action plan
  • Contact staff
  • Allocate responsibilities
  • Identify affected staff who cannot work
  • Plan provisional working arrangements
  • Contact clients/customers
  • Public relations
  • Contact your insurer and/or broker
  • Salvaging your property
  • More...

Managing storm and flood risk

Storms and flooding can cause major problems for businesses in the UK.

The issue extends beyond businesses whose premises have been flooded or damaged by storms that are affected. The loss of key rail connections, or the damaging effect of flooding on clients’ or customers' businesses may well have a knock-on impact on your own business.

Similarly, if your staff are unable to get into work, or a key supplier (such as your internet service provider) is unable to provide a service, even if your office is superficially unaffected by storms or floods, it could have a crippling impact on the ability of your business to survive.

This Practice Note provides key action points to follow if your business premises are flooded, and looks at practical measures you can take to address the impact of any indirect threats to your business. It should be read in conjunction with our subtopic: Business continuity plan.

Flooding action plan

Your first action should be to enact your Business continuity plan, if you have one and it is accessible. If you do not have one or it is not available, the following action plan may help.

Contact staff

Ensure your staff are safe and well, and are kept informed of what is happening. If you do not have contact numbers for all staff, make a list of as many staff as

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