Managing fire safety in the workplace
Produced in partnership with Melanie O'Brien of DG Legal
Managing fire safety in the workplace

The following Practice Management guidance note Produced in partnership with Melanie O'Brien of DG Legal provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Managing fire safety in the workplace
  • Fire safety assessment and planning
  • Your objectives
  • Key staff members
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Your fire safety measures
  • Fire safety action plan
  • Implementation of measures and procedures
  • Testing and review

You have a duty to take precautions to minimise the risk of fire in your workplace and ensure the safety of your employees in the event of fire.

There are no hard and fast rules about what fire safety provisions you are required to put in place. Smaller organisations may only need the minimum provision while other larger organisations or those with particular fire risks may require more resources.

This Practice Note provides practical information on managing and ensuring fire safety in the workplace. For information about regulatory requirements relevant to fire safety, see Practice Note: Fire safety in the workplace—regulatory requirements.

Fire safety assessment and planning

Having in place a well thought out and accessible structure on fire safety could help enable you ensure your organisation is managed effectively and efficiently.

To achieve this you should:

  1. identify what you want to achieve—your objectives

  2. identify key members of staff

  3. conduct a fire risk assessment

  4. assess your current measures and procedures

  5. justifying what additional measures your organisation needs to implement and why—this may be incorporated into an action plan

  6. implement any necessary measures

  7. evaluate and review your measures and procedures

Your objectives

You may wish to formulate a general statement of policy of your organisation’s overall commitment to fire safety. From this, you can:

  1. more easily determine the steps you need to take

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