Managing a commonhold
Managing a commonhold

The following Property practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Managing a commonhold
  • Commonhold assessment
  • Disputes

The commonhold association is a private company (limited by guarantee) incorporated under the Companies Act 1985. The unit-holders are the only permitted members of the association; consequently through their votes they control the operation of the commonhold.

The commonhold association:

  1. is the registered proprietor of the common parts of the property; and

  2. has complete responsibility for managing the development (including the ability to terminate the commonhold via voluntary wind-up)

Commonhold assessment

The Commonhold Community Statement (CCS) allows the commonhold association to set a commonhold assessment (ie estimate of the costs for the management, maintenance, insurance, and repairs of the building). The association then requests payment from each unit-holder in proportion to the percentage assign

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