Lobbying Act Parts 1 and 3
Produced in partnership with Rupert Grist
Lobbying Act Parts 1 and 3

The following Public Law practice note Produced in partnership with Rupert Grist provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Lobbying Act Parts 1 and 3
  • Part 1—lobbying
  • Introduction
  • Registration of consultant lobbyists
  • Keeping the register
  • Compliance and information notices
  • Offences
  • Civil penalties
  • Supplementary provisions
  • Guidance
  • More...

The Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014 (TLNPCTUAA 2014) makes provision as follows:

  1. TLNPCTUAA 2014, Pt 1 establishes a register of consultant lobbyists making representations to Government, and sets up a registrar to supervise and enforce the registration requirements

  1. TLNPCTUAA 2014, Pt 2 sets out the legal requirements for people or organisations that campaign for candidates or registered political parties

  2. TLNPCTUAA 2014, Pt 3 sets out the legal requirements in relation to trade unions’ obligations to keep their lists of members up to date

Each Part concerns a different regulatory regime for which there is a different regulator:

  1. Part 1—the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists

  2. Part 2—the Electoral Commission

  3. Part 3—the Certification Officer

Part 1—lobbying


Part 1 of TLNPCTUAA 2014 sets out provisions regulating consultant lobbying, the business of making representations to government on behalf of clients, to provide greater transparency for the public.

Consultant lobbyists are required to be registered, and disclose the names of their clients on the register. They are also required to disclose whether they subscribe to a publicly available code of conduct. The register is overseen by an independent Register of Consultant Lobbyists, which has a number of investigatory and enforcement powers to monitor and secure compliance.

Registration of consultant lobbyists

TLNPCTUAA 2014, s 1 prohibits any person from carrying on the business of consultant lobbying unless they are entered on

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