Loan Market Association (LMA)—news on documentation [Archived]

The following Banking & Finance practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Loan Market Association (LMA)—news on documentation [Archived]
  • Investment grade documentation (LMA news archive)
  • Leveraged documentation (LMA news archive)
  • Leveraged/high yield documentation (LMA news archive)
  • Real estate finance documentation (LMA news archive)
  • Commodity finance documentation (LMA news archive)
  • Private placements (LMA news archive)
  • Developing markets documentation (LMA news archive)
  • LIBOR and benchmark rates (LMA news archive)
  • FATCA (LMA news archive)
  • More...

Loan Market Association (LMA)—news on documentation [Archived]

This Practice Note is an archive of news from the Loan Market Association (LMA) on LMA documentation and related topics. It covers LMA updates from early 2013 to January 2016. For the latest LMA developments since January 2016, see Practice Note: Loan Market Association (LMA)—latest news on documentation.

Information in this Practice Note is also included in relevant Practice Notes in Banking & Finance. Links to related and LexisLibrary content are provided where relevant.

All of the LMA updates referred to in this Practice Note were originally published on the LMA website (subscription required for full access).

This Practice Note does not include news about French law, German law or Spanish law documentation or the African loan documentation covering South Africa, East Africa and Nigeria.

  1. Investment grade documentation

  2. Leveraged documentation

  3. Leveraged/High Yield documentation

  4. Real estate finance documentation

  5. Commodity finance documentation

  6. Developing markets documentation

  7. LIBOR and benchmark rates

  8. FATCA

  9. Mandatory Costs Schedule

  10. Restructuring

  11. Secondary trading

  12. Announcements

Investment grade documentation (LMA news archive)

For the most recent LMA updates/announcements on LMA investment grade documentation, see: Loan Market Association (LMA)—latest news on documentation.

Date of update/announcement from the LMALMA news
05/11/2015The LMA has published revised facility documentation incorporating amendments to the finance parties' rights clause in its recommended facility documentation.
The amendments resulted from concerns raised by the Hong Kong case

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