Litigants in person—trial and non-attendance
Produced in partnership with Phil Roberts of Clarke Willmott

The following Dispute Resolution practice note produced in partnership with Phil Roberts of Clarke Willmott provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Litigants in person—trial and non-attendance
  • Adjournment of trial
  • Non-attendance by the litigant in person
  • Setting aside of orders or judgments following non-attendance at trial
  • Preparation of trial bundles
  • Evidence at trial
  • Admissibility of evidence—the without prejudice rule
  • Notes and informal records of the proceedings
  • Using IT at trial and remote hearings
  • Unfair trial
  • More...

Litigants in person—trial and non-attendance

This Practice Note provides guidance on the interpretation and application of the relevant provisions of the CPR. Depending on the court in which your matter is proceeding, you may also need to be mindful of additional provisions—see further below.

The Master of the Rolls issued guidance in March 2013, entitled Terminology for Litigants in Person, to clarify the correct terminology to be used to refer to individuals who conduct legal proceedings on their own behalf. The guidance directs that the term 'litigant in person' should be the sole term used to describe individuals who conduct legal proceedings on their own behalf and the term 'self-represented litigant' should not be used. Note, however, that the term 'self represented litigant' and 'unrepresented litigant' continues to be used in some parts of the CPR. For more information on terminology, see Practice Note: Litigants in person—terminology and representation.

For more information on issues concerning litigants in person, also see Practice Notes:

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Adjournment of trial

On the whole, the CPR

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