Life sciences—Singapore—Q&A guide
Life sciences—Singapore—Q&A guide

The following Life Sciences practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Life sciences—Singapore—Q&A guide
  • 1. How is healthcare in your jurisdiction organised?
  • 2. How is the healthcare system financed in the outpatient and inpatient sectors?
  • 3. What are the basic structures of the provision of care to patients in statutory and private care?
  • 4. What steps are necessary to authorise the provision of health services, and what law governs this?
  • 5. Which types of legal entities can offer healthcare services?
  • 6. What further steps are necessary for foreign companies to offer health services?
  • 7. Which legislation governs advertising of medicinal products to healthcare professionals?
  • 8. What are the main rules and principles applying to advertising of medicinal products aimed at healthcare professionals?
  • 9. Is the advertising of medical devices to healthcare professionals regulated as rigorously as advertising in the pharmaceuticals sector? What are the main differences?
  • More...

This Practice Note contains a jurisdiction-specific Q&A guide to life sciences in Singapore published as part of the Lexology Getting the Deal Through series by Law Business Research (published: October 2020).

Authors: Drew & Napier LLC—Tony Yeo; Benjamin Gaw

1. How is healthcare in your jurisdiction organised?

The Ministry of Health (MOH) oversees the regulation of healthcare in Singapore. There are various statutory boards established under the oversight of the MOH, including the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) (established by the Health Sciences Authority Act) and the Health Promotion Board (established by the Health Promotion Board Act).

The HSA was formed on 1 April 2001, and integrated five highly specialised agencies, namely the Centre for Drug Evaluation, the Institute of Science and Forensic Medicine, the National Pharmaceutical Administration, the Product Regulation Department and the Singapore Blood Transfusion Service. The HSA has been designated as the authority responsible for the administration of Singapore’s health laws and regulations, such as the Health Products Act, Medicines Act, Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act and Poisons Act.

Singapore promulgated the Health Products Act in 2007 with the intention that the Health Products Act (and all subsidiary legislation promulgated thereunder) would consolidate legislation regulating all health products (including medicinal products). Prior to 1 November 2016, the Health Products Act only regulated medical devices and cosmetics. The Medicines Act and other related legislation regulated the

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