The following Practice Management practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Lexcel—pre-assessment
  • The Lexcel standard
  • Different types of assessment
  • Initial assessment
  • Annual maintenance visits (years 1 and 2)
  • Full reassessment
  • Applying for an assessment
  • Self-assessment
  • Self-assessment checklist
  • Gathering documents
  • More...


Lexcel is the Law Society's practice management standard. It is not compulsory although Lexcel accreditation can be helpful for firms wishing to be accredited under the Conveyancing Quality Scheme or the Legal Service Board's Specialist Quality Mark. This Practice Note provides guidance on how to apply and prepare for a Lexcel assessment.

The Lexcel standard

From November 2018, firms will be assessed against Lexcel v6.1.

It is broken down into seven areas:

  1. Structures and strategy

  2. Financial management

  3. Information management

  4. People management

  5. Risk management

  6. Client care

  7. File and case management

To achieve accreditation, firms must demonstrate by way of an independent assessment that the standard is embedded into their firm's structures, policies and procedures.

Firms that achieve the standard are then assessed annually to ensure continued compliance.

Different types of assessment

There are four types of assessments:

  1. initial assessment

  2. year 1 annual maintenance visit (AMV)

  3. year 2 AMV

  4. full reassessment

Initial assessment

This is a full assessment which requires you to demonstrate that the Lexcel requirements have been embedded in your firm for at least three months.

The size of your firm will dictate:

  1. how long your assessment will last

  2. how many members of staff will be chosen for interview

  3. how many files will be chosen for review

The tables below are indicative only and the assessment body will decide how long your assessment should last etc.

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