Legal Aid Agency SQM—Precedents content map

The following Practice Compliance practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Legal Aid Agency SQM—Precedents content map

Legal Aid Agency SQM—Precedents content map

The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) Specialist Quality Mark (SQM) is a quality assurance standard for legal services that:

  1. supply complex legal help

  2. offer a full range of legal services, including representation in court (where necessary and permitted) by formally trained professionals

Compliance with the LAA SQM standard or the Law Society’s Lexcel Practice Management standard (Lexcel) is a requirement for organisations that hold a legal aid contract with the LAA.

The SQM framework is based on the following key quality areas:

  1. access to service

  2. seamless service

  3. running the organisation

  4. people management

  5. running the service

  6. meeting clients’ needs

  7. commitment to quality

Recognising Excellence Ltd took over the administration of the audit delivery services of the SQM Standard from its predecessor, the SQM Delivery Partnership from 1 April 2017, and is responsible for undertaking audits:

  1. of new SQM applicants

  2. required for future contracts with LAA

  3. needed to retain an existing LAA contract

This Practice Note identifies Precedents within Practice Compliance and Practice Management you could use or adapt to comply with the SQM requirements that fall within the scope of these two modules.

SQM paraSQM requirementPrecedents you could use or adaptLocation of Precedents
A1.1A current business plan is available that sets out, in detail for the current year, and in outline for the following two years,

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