JCT Public Sector Supplement
JCT Public Sector Supplement

The following Construction guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • JCT Public Sector Supplement
  • Government’s Fair Payment Charter
  • Transparency issues and freedom of information requests
  • Building information modelling protocols
  • Suggested Modifications

The JCT Public Sector Supplement was first published in September 2011, with a revised version published in December 2011 to respond to the amendments to the HGCRA 1996. It is part of the JCT’s support for the implementation of the Government’s Construction Strategy (for more on which, see Practice Notes: Government Construction Strategy 2016–2020 and Government Construction Strategy 2011–2015 [Archived]).

The Public Sector Supplement can be used with most of the 2011 editions of the JCT contracts, including the most commonly used ones (ie Standard Building Contract (With Quantities, Without Quantities and With Approximate Quantities), Design and Build and Intermediate Building Contract (with and without contractor’s design)). It is free to download from the JCT website: JCT Public Sector Supplement.

The Public Sector Supplement is tailored for public sector employers and their advisers. It contains suggested modifications to a number of the JCT main contracts and sub-contracts for public sector employers to address the following three issues, all of which are key features of the Government Construction Strategy:

  1. fair payment

  2. transparency

  3. building information modelling

Note that provisions from the JCT Public Sector Supplement dealing with these three issues have since been