JCT contracts
JCT contracts

The following Construction practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • JCT contracts
  • Who are the JCT?
  • Range of JCT main contracts
  • Traditional procurement
  • Design and Build
  • Management
  • 2016 editions

This Practice Note explains who the JCT are and provides an overview of the most commonly used standard form building contracts that they produce.

Reference copies of the contracts and associated guides are available in the relevant JCT subtopics (ie JCT contracts 2016, JCT contracts 2011, JCT contracts 2005 and JCT contracts 1998) under the ‘Forms’ tab, and also in the following documents:

  1. JCT contracts 2016—reference copies

  2. JCT contracts 2011—reference copies

  3. JCT contracts 2005—reference copies

  4. JCT contracts 1998—reference copies

Who are the JCT?

JCT stands for Joint Contracts Tribunal. The JCT consists of the following member bodies:

  1. the Royal Institute of British Architects

  2. the Contractors Legal Group Ltd

  3. the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

  4. the Local Government Association

  5. the Scottish Building Contract Committee Ltd

  6. Build UK Group Ltd

  7. the British Property Federation

Each of these member bodies nominates a director to the JCT Board.

The JCT has produced a standard form of building contract since 1909. It now produces a wide range of main contracts that cater for most forms of procurement together with sub-contracts and many other associated documents such as warranties and bonds. The JCT website contains a useful guide to the selection of the appropriate form of contract here. Despite the rise in popularity of the NEC suite of contracts, JCT contracts are still the most popular and prevalent standard form contracts used in the UK

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