ISDA—news on documentation [Archived]

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  • ISDA—news on documentation [Archived]
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ISDA—news on documentation [Archived]

This Practice Note is an archive of news and updated document published by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA). It covers ISDA updates from January 2015 to December 2017. For the latest ISDA developments since January 2018, see Practice Note: ISDA—latest news on documentation

All of the ISDA updates referred to in this Practice Note were originally published on the ISDA website (subscription required for full access). Commentary and related documents are provided by Banking & Finance.


Date of update/announcement from ISDAISDA news
15 December 2017ISDA webinar on systematic internaliser regime
ISDA published a webinar ‘Are you ready for the Systematic Internaliser Regime?’, which explores some of the issues related to the MIFID II systematic internaliser regime.
For more information in systematic internalisers see Practice Note: Systematic internalisers.
8 December 2017Credit Derivatives Physical Settlement Matrix – 2014 and 2003 Confirmations
ISDA published the:
—2014 Definitions Confirmation CDS Matrix v24
—2014 Definitions Matrix Confirmations, and
—2003 Definitions Matrix Confirmations
8 December 2017ISDA publishes updated letter confirms terms of credit derivative transactions
ISDA released an updated letter confirming the terms and conditions of credit derivative transactions entered into by the two parties on the trade date referencing the Credit Derivatives Physical Settlement Matrix (version 24; 8 December 2017).  This confirmation constitutes a ‘confirmation’ as referred to in the ISDA Master Agreement.
4 December 201730-Day Comment Period: ISDA OTC

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