Investment treaty arbitration—Portugal—Q&A guide
Investment treaty arbitration—Portugal—Q&A guide

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  • Investment treaty arbitration—Portugal—Q&A guide
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arbitration'>Investment treaty arbitration in Portugal

The Investment treaty arbitration guide for Portugal is presented in a Q&A format. The questions are set out below. The 2015 guide (which is the most recent version) can be accessed here:

This guide, published by Getting the Deal Through (GtDT), provides an introduction to investment treaty arbitration in Portugal covering the following topics:

  1. Background

    1. What is the prevailing attitude towards foreign investment?

    2. What are the main sectors for foreign investment in the state?

    3. Is there a net inflow or outflow of foreign direct investment?

    4. Describe domestic legislation governing investment agreements with the state or state-owned entities.

  2. International legal obligations

    1. Identify and give brief details of the bilateral or multilateral investment treaties to which the state is a party also indicating whether they are in force.

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