Introduction to Social housing regulation

The following Local Government practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Introduction to Social housing regulation
  • England
  • Objects
  • Social Housing Administration
  • Register of RPs
  • London
  • Mayoral Development Corporation
  • Wales

Introduction to Social housing regulation

There are two separate regimes governing social housing in England and Wales. Each country had its own combined funding and regulatory authority: in England this is the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) (regulation) and in Wales it is the Welsh Ministers.


The Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 (HRA 2008) overhauled the funding and regulation of social housing in England. The then Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) was established as the new English investment agency for housing and regeneration, combining the existing functions of English Partnerships (itself consisting of the Commission for New Towns and the Urban Regeneration Agency) and the funding activities of the Housing Corporation. Funding became the HCA’s responsibility under HRA 2008, Pt 1.

A new social housing regulator was also created, known as the Tenant Services Authority (TSA), to carry out the regulatory functions of the Housing Corporation under HRA 2008, Pt 2. The Housing Corporation, formerly responsible for both funding and regulation, was dissolved on 1 April 2009. The HCA and TSA worked together until 1 April 2012, when the regulatory functions of the TSA were transferred to HCA, which exercised them through its Regulation Committee.

The HCA was rebranded in January 2018, and its functions were split into an investment arm (HE) and a regulatory arm (RSH).

RSH became a corporate body independent from HCA on 1

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