Introduction to premises licences
Produced in partnership with David Lucas FBII, MIoL of Lucas Licensing Limited

The following Local Government practice note produced in partnership with David Lucas FBII, MIoL of Lucas Licensing Limited provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Introduction to premises licences
  • Eligibility for premises licence
  • Application for premises licence
  • Advertising the application
  • Local Risk Assessment
  • Determination of application
  • Hearings
  • Conditions
  • Statutory conditions
  • Regulations
  • More...

Introduction to premises licences

A premises licence is required to authorise the provision of gambling facilities at:

  1. casino premises

  2. bingo premises

  3. betting premises, including tracks and premises used by betting intermediaries

  4. adult gaming centres

  5. family entertainment centres

With the exception of a track, a premises licence cannot be issued if a premises licence already has effect in relation to the same premises.

A track includes a horse-race course, dog track or other premises where races or sports events occur.

Each licence must relate to a specific area of the track and only one premises licence may relate to any particular area of the track.

Eligibility for premises licence

  1. An applicant for a premises licence must hold, or have applied for, an operating licence granted by the Gambling Commission for the proposed gambling activity (except in the case of a track see below) eg an applicant for a bingo premises licence must hold a non-remote bingo operating licence.

  2. An applicant, such as a football club, for a betting premises licence in respect of a football ground (a track) does not require an operating licence and may be granted a betting premises licence. However, the premises licence would not authorise the football club themselves to provide betting facilities at the football ground, they would need to be provided by the holder of a non-remote betting operating licence.

  3. An applicant for a

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