Indicators of corruption—checklist
Indicators of corruption—checklist

The following Corporate Crime practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Indicators of corruption—checklist

Businesses and their employees must be alert to indicators of corruption. The following checklist identifies indicators of corruption which would normally give rise to an escalated investigation.

  1. In the course of contract negotiations, or during the completion of a previous contract, consider whether there are any unusual payment mechanisms. These may include:

    1. attempted changes to agreed terms, such as requests for payments to be made urgently and/or ahead of schedule

    2. a request for cash payment

    3. payments being made through a third party country or to a shell company in another country

    4. an abnormally high commission being paid to a particular agency

    5. requests for payments to be split into two accounts for the same agent, particularly where the two accounts are in different countries

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