In-house lawyers: risk management—environmental risks
Produced in partnership with Ardea International
In-house lawyers: risk management—environmental risks

The following Environment practice note produced in partnership with Ardea International provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • In-house lawyers: risk management—environmental risks
  • Managing environmental risk
  • Introduction
  • Environmental management systems—ISO140001
  • Environmental audits
  • Environmental reporting
  • Risk 1—lack of environmental policy
  • Organisational risk
  • Risk solution
  • Risk level before solution implementation
  • More...

Written for in-house lawyers, this risk management guide aims to provide a useful checklist when considering how to address the environmental risks relating to your organisation and to provide the tools to monitor compliance with the laws.

Managing environmental risk

General counsel and in-house lawyers may consider environmental risk in varying degrees, depending largely on what the organisation does and what drivers might cause organisations to have to consider how they demonstrate compliance with environmental laws. For example, organisations that wish to achieve and maintain certification under the ISO 14001 will have to demonstrate legal compliance (see Practice Note: Environmental management—environmental legal registers) while others are bound by environmental regulation to ensure that the activities they undertake can be sustained.

This guide aims to set out:

  1. key environmental issues to consider primarily as part of an office, with reference to some key legislation

  2. a step-by-step guide to various tasks to be undertaken to manage the risk

  3. solutions to help you reduce environmental risk

  4. a means of reporting to your board or risk management colleagues on the legal risks and how you have addressed them, or put measures in place for others in the business to address them

Managing environmental risk may also be a key aspect of the ongoing risk management and captured in the business risk register. For more information on developing and managing a

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