In–house lawyers—How to find and keep the best people

The following In-house Advisor practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • In–house lawyers—How to find and keep the best people
  • What is talent management?
  • The business case for talent management
  • What stops a talent management strategy working?
  • Talent management model
  • Developing a talent management strategy

In–house lawyers—How to find and keep the best people

Recruiting and selecting the right candidate is only half the battle to achieving a high quality in-house legal team, once they’re on board you need to develop and hang on to them to give yourselves the best advantage in an increasingly competitive and fickle market. This Practice Note covers:

  1. what is talent management

  2. the business case for talent management

  3. what stops it working

  4. talent management model

  5. developing a talent management strategy

What is talent management?

Talent management is a term that has grown increasingly popular over recent years. More than just another addition to the management jargon lexicon, if implemented correctly it allows organisations to develop a culture committed to creating, supporting and developing a workforce of top performing individuals—an ideal many organisations aspire to but few actually achieve.

Talent management involves:

  1. identifying what talent is required within the organization, both now and in the future

  2. putting into place frameworks to ensure that all recruitment, development and performance management is carried out in line with these frameworks

  3. clearly defining and communicating what levels of performance are required and expected

  4. establishing how individuals will be developed and rewarded for good performance

  5. being clear about how you will deal with those (at all levels) not making the grade

  6. measuring the success of the programme to reinforce the business case and demonstrate

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