In-house lawyers—Delivering appraisal training
Produced in partnership with Kim Archer of Archer Associates Ltd

The following In-house Advisor practice note produced in partnership with Kim Archer of Archer Associates Ltd provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • In-house lawyers—Delivering appraisal training
  • Why is appraisals training required?
  • Who needs to attend appraisal training?
  • What does the training need to cover?
  • How does the training need to be delivered?
  • When should the training take place?

In-house lawyers—Delivering appraisal training

Appraisals processes can deliver significant improvements in morale, skills and staff retention, but to do that everyone involved needs to understand how to conduct effective appraisals and be aware of what appraisals can and can’t deliver.

This Practice Note guides you through the stages of implementing a training programme to support the appraisals process and covers:

  1. why appraisals training is required

  2. whom the training needs to be targeted at

  3. what the content of the courses should be

  4. how the training should be delivered

  5. the timing of the training delivery

  6. feedback on training and support

Why is appraisals training required?

Appraisals can cause a great deal of anxiety for many managers and employees.

Managers are typically concerned about:

  1. the time taken to complete them

  2. how to give less-than-positive feedback

  3. the feedback they may receive from their team and other colleagues

  4. adverse reactions from an appraisee (tears, anger etc)

  5. completing the paperwork appropriately

Appraisees' main concerns are:

  1. fear of hearing where they are under-performing

  2. concerns about pay and reward (if appraisals are linked to financial incentives)

  3. cynicism about the effectiveness of appraisals

  4. not having the opportunity to put forward their version of events

  5. what to do if they feel they have received an unfair appraisal

Appraisals training is needed to address these concerns and respond to any other questions or worries those involved in the process may have.

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